Frequently Asked Questions

Please find questions and answers regarding the recent changes to the M2N Event


What time does the half marathon start?


What time does the mini mile start?

Saturday 28th October 2017 14:00pm

What time does the Marathon start?


Is there a different time for the cycle race?

Yes 08:20

What time does the C2N start?


Is the Mini Mile on a different date?

Yes, Saturday 28th October

What is the route for the mini mile?

The run will be an out and back route to the Millennium Bridge and back.

What buses are going to be running?

Buses from Claremont Road, Newcastle to the start at Morpeth and Whitley Bay. These are only for runners as we don’t have facility to carry bikes. You must book these buses at the Event Brite

What buses are best to catch?

The best way is to book on the buses we are providing.

What parking will there be at the start and finish?

You can see map detail of parking in the participant information on the website. Morpeth Start parking is at Northumberland County Hall (please note this is quite a walk from the start line so it is better to get dropped off or use our buses. Whitley Bay parking is in the numerous car parks along the links.

What do we get for taking part in any of the races?

As well as the event itself you get a T-shirt and medal.

Is the race certified?

Yes, the event has Run Britain certification.

Has the race got a license?

Yes, now the official course measure has been done the event has a full permit.

When will the start packs be sent out?

Packs will be posted out approximately 1 month before the race. Late entries to the race may have to collect on Saturday 28th October from the event finish location.

Can I change my route?

No changes can be made from 7th Oct as numbers have been allocated.

Can I change my distance but not my route?

No changes can be made after the end of September as numbers have been allocated.

Can I get a refund?

No. As is the case if you buy tickets for a concert, football match or other event we can not issue a refund for any reason. We cannot discriminate against anyone by allowing refunds for some reasons and not others.

Can I defer my place to next year?

Not once we are within 2 months of the event. Their will also be a Β£10 admin charge for this service.

Will there be water stations?

Yes, we will have aid stations every 5k with water and High5.

What will be provided on the day?

Water and High5 every 5k. Medal and T shirt for all finishers.

Where are the best places to spectate?

See the participant info on the website for details of the spectator hotspots.

Can you clock a personal best?

The route has a finish line that is lower than the start line so it should be fast. There are some short sharp hills but there is more downhill than up.

Where does the marathon start and finish?

Start is on the A192 at Hepscott Park and the finish is at the Tyne Bar on Newcastle Quayside.

Where does the half marathon start and finish?

Start is at Spanish City, Whitley Bay and the finish is at the Tyne Bar on Newcastle Quayside.

What roads will be closed?

We will have a link on the website showing the details of road closures and timings. In short the A192 will be closed from Morpeth to Shankhouse between 8am and 11am. The Links Road in Whitley Bay will be closed between Spanish City and Cullercoats between 8am and 9am.

Are there any rules in the CN2?

This is a sportive event on open live roads. You MUST follow the highway code at ALL times.

When do the entries close?

Sunday 15th October 2017

What metro stations are close to the start of the race?

Whitley Bay Metro for the Half and Morpeth train station is closest rail for the marathon start.

What metro stations are close to the finish line?

Either Central Station of Monument stations are closest metro stations to the finish.

Is there a limit on the amount of entries?

Yes they are as follows; 2000 Marathon, 2000 Half, 1000 cycle, 500 Kids.

Are you offering elite entries?


What is the route for the half marathon?

Please see the event information on the event website.

What is the route for the full marathon?

Please see the event information on the event website.

Will the event be marshalled?

Yes, we have professional eventcover throughout the route.

Is there a time limit?

For the marathon the limit is 5hrs 30mins. If you can’t complete the course in this time you can still complete the route under your own steam but must do so out of the official event as we cannot cover your safety after the 5hr 30min cut off.

What is the elevation profiles for all the routes?

Please see the route information provided on the event social media platforms.

What do we get in the starter pack?

Number and timing chip

How can I update my details?

To update your details please email

Can runners have headphones in and listen to music?

No. You must be able to hear safety instructions and also listen out for cars/vehicles that could be around you.

What are the procedures for the CN2?

Please see the event information on the event website.

What do we do with our bikes when we finish, how do we get them back to Morpeth?

You will have to be responsible for your own bikes getting to or from the event.

Do you get any running club discount?

Yes, we offered a discount to affiliated members of running clubs, this will be Β£2.00.